Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Last Three Weeks

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of airports, rental cars, slideshows, clinics, climbing and good times. Lets rewind three weeks. On April 26th, Rocky Mountain Highball had its World Premiere at the Boulder Theatre.

The AAC put on the whole event, including an amazing pre-party attended by legends such as John Sherman and Jim Holloway. It was an honor to hear their experiences with climbing, their perspectives on today's generation, their inspiration for climbing and what they've been up to since their hay day.

Jim Holloway, John Sherman, Steve Mammen, Andy Mann and Myself

Before we could get the show kicked off, I (on behalf of everyone) had to thank the AAC for supporting the film. It couldn't have happened without them. Big thanks.

The show was a few seats away from selling out and was extremely well received by everyone. Be sure to keep an eye for this film on DVD in the next month or so. On June 4th, I will be hosting a California Premiere of RMH at the Rialto Theatre in Berkeley, CA. If you are in the Bay Area, be sure to come check it out.

After Colorado, I went up to Central Washington University to give some clinics and a slideshow to the psyched climbing community there. Mike, Brian, Britt and Karlyn were great hosts. On Sunday, we made it out to Leavenworth. Can you say AMAZING?

Mike on "Ouchie"

Karlyn on the dicey "Slice of Pie"

Me on Sleeping Lady (?). Awesome problem over the river.

The canyon

Brian sticking the crux on The Shield

I was super impressed with Leavenworth to say the least. As tempting as it was to drop everything and stay, I had to jet to Portland for another set of clinics and a slideshow. Everything went great and I got to meet some amazingly talented young climbers while doing a clinic at The Circuit. It's my bet that you will be hearing about Zan, Zach and Carlos in the future. Mark my words.

Now, I'm back home, but leaving for Japan tomorrow. More on this trip soon. 


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