Thursday, May 28, 2009

Calling ALL Bay Area Climbers!

Next Thursday, June 4th, Scott Neel (the director) and I will be hosting the CA Premiere of Rocky Mountain Highball at the Rialto Theatre in Berkeley. This event is presented by Vertex Climbing Center, Marmot, and the Berkeley Marmot Mountain Works retailer. Tickets are $10 and available at the door.

“Rocky Mountain Highball” is a new climbing film that presents an in depth look into why some climbers push themselves to boulder at the vertical limit. The film documents the many facets of bouldering by interweaving numerous classic climbs in Colorado with interview footage from the leading figures of the climbing world.

Director/Filmmaker Scott Neel, and Yama Studio have brought in a huge cast of world renowned climbers, like Paul Robinson, Mark Wilford, Kevin Jorgeson, Lynn Hill, Daniel Woods, John Sherman, John Gill, Steve Mammen, and Jason Kehl. Having filmed more than 70 climbs with more than 35 athletes, this film proves to be an exciting journey through the world of highball bouldering.

Please visit for more info, to view and download the official trailer, and check out the interactive cast line-up. 

This film will not be out on DVD for a month or more, so take advantage of the opportunity to see it now and join us, next Thursday at the Rialto in Berkeley. 

For theatre info, visit
Click here for a map or to get directions: map/directions
See you there!


  1. The movie was super bad ass Kevin! Good work!

  2. The movie was super bad ass Kevin! Good work man and thank you for helping to bring it to the bay!

  3. RMH was AWESOME!!!! Sooo happy it came to the Bay Area!! The raffle was awesome too, btw. I loooooove my Marmot crystalline jacket! Thank you so much!