Thursday, May 21, 2009

Five Ten Cup

I've made it back from Japan. What a trip! Simply awesome. The Five Ten Cup was a blast to compete in. I've cut together a quick video the comp:

The day after the competition, at B-PUMP2 (a gym outside Tokyo), we had a really fun "customer interaction" type day. 

Basically, we got there around lunch time and set boulder problems for 3 hours around the gym. We set one section of the gym with all beginner climbs, one section with some intermediate climbs, and one section with harder ones. Then we (me and NoBu) spent 30 or 40 minutes in each section of the gym giving beta and having a good time with the members. After this, NoBu and I had an informal competition/session where we made up problems for each other and hucked HUGE dynos out of the main cave. Totally fun. It turns out, NoBu is one of the best dyno-ers in the country, so now I don't feel so bad for not sticking the final dyno...
On Monday and Tuesday, we got to get outside. What an amazing countryside. The forests outside of Tokyo are like none I have ever seen before. We went to Mizukai where I had the chance to repeat Jason Kehl's impeccable problem, Kumite. 

I'm putting the video together of the days climbing outside, so check back soon for those.



  1. Nice vid, looks like a fun comp!

    Looking forward to seeing more.


  2. dope comp vid man. looks like serious fun.

  3. dope comp vid mang. Looks like serious fun.