Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Special Offer for PCI Clinic

The next 6 people to sign up for the PCI Clinic or Semi-Private Lessons in San Francisco will receive 30% off their entire next order of Asana Climbing gear! Been wanting a new crash pad? This could save you $100 bucks!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey Bay Area Climbers!

Hey Bay Area Climbers!

There are only a few spots left for Saturday's Youth Clinic and Adult Semi-Private lessons. Sunday is already SOLD OUT.

This time, we will be having Steven Jeffery, Carlo Traversi, Beth Rodden and myself present to teach a 6-hour Youth Clinic and a 2-hour Adult Semi-Private lesson. All the details are below, but the short and sweet of it is:

- The youth clinic is going to focus on competition preparation and strategy. With ABS Nationals right around the corner, this is the opportunity to improve your competition game just in time for the big event. SIGN UP HERE:

- The adult semi-private lesson is going to focus on the art of the Pogo, the intricacies of Flagging, and how these both apply to boulder problems at your limit. Carlo Traversi calls the pogo "by far the most essential technique in my climbing." You can see a video of a pogo here:

There are only a few spots left for both the Youth Clinic and the Adult Semi-Private Lessons. Sign up now while you can!

Youth Clinic:
Semi-Private Lessons:

Hope to see you there!