Saturday, February 28, 2009

Throwin' it out there

Tonight I have the pleasure of sharing some stories, photos, and video of my trip to The Grit in preparation for Ambrosia. We collected plenty of each during our 2 month stay last Autumn. The multimedia show features great photography by: 

Jerry Dodrill

Cory Richards

Dave Simmonite

and Adam Long

We also have some great video from the highlights of the trip, including the sends (and falls from):

'Parthian Shot', E9 ground-up

The Team Send of 'End of the Affair,' E8

The Deck...

...and send of 'Gaia,' E8

And last but not least, I have an exclusive teaser video from Big Up Productions, as well as some amazing photos by Tim Kemple of Ambrosia. It's been amazing to travel lately, but even more fun is coming home and sharing those experiences with people. So, I'm throwing it out there that I would love to bring this slideshow to your local climbing gym, climbing club, or wherever you get psyched on climbing. On top of the slideshow, I'd be happy to host a screening of PURE. It could be a two night event of watching an amazing climbing film, getting psyched, and then laughing at me hit the ground off Gaia! In between the shows, I'd also be psyched on teaching a technique and movement clinic that I have been working on perfecting over the past 4 years. So, that's PURE, a multimedia show, and some climbing clinics. If you're interested, shoot me an email:

Till next time....

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  1. Nice man! I passed your info on to the event organizers at Red River Gorge. I'd be psyched to see the show...