Friday, February 27, 2009

CA Premiere of Pure

Last night, I hosted the CA Premiere of Pure at the Rialto Theatre in my home town of Santa Rosa. There was a great turn out, nearly selling out the 260 seat theatre. I want to thank EVERYONE who came out to watch the film. It's always cool to get the climbing community together in one place. 

To me, Pure is a homage to everything we love about climbing: the lifestyle, the movement, the travels, and the people. I'm proud to be a part of the film. A big thanks goes out to Vertex Climbing Center and Marmot for sponsoring the Premiere. Another big thanks goes out to all the local climbers, namely Chris Summit, Marcos Nunez, and Richie Esquibel, who are responsible for the vast majority of the first ascents in Sonoma County, including most of the problems featured in my section of the film. Without their exploratory efforts and great climbing skills, we would not have nearly as many great climbs on our coast as we do now. Or perhaps it would have taken a bit longer to have discovered them. I'm not sure if those three guys were in the crowd, so if you were not, hat's off to ya!

Lastly, thanks to Jerry Dodrill ( for shooting some photos of last night's event. Jerry and I have been on many an adventure together. I wonder what will come up next, after all, his nick name is "The Instigator...." 

Until next time....

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