Sunday, April 24, 2011

National Geographic

The May issue of National Geographic is on news stands and it features a great article on Yosemite climbing by Mark Jenkins with photography by Jimmy Chin. This past fall, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk of Camp4Collective joined Tommy and I up on the wall for a week. The product of their talent and hard work is featured on the pages of Nat Geo and in several amazing videos available on the Nat Geo website.

If you don't have a physical copy, you can view scan of it thanks to Black Diamond via this link:

At the National Geographic website, you can see some exclusive videos, view the enlarged photos from the article, and read the full article (more easily than in the scan) via this link:



  1. After I got my National Geographic in the mail yesterday and read the article, I had to go on-line to see you guys in action. Your mental alertness, your ability to live in the moment, to be completely and truly connected to body-mind experience your goes beyond what my own can comprehend. It's also amazing to witness how much strenght can be contain in such a lean body over such a long period of time. After reading the article, it's truly inspiring how dedicated you all are to your sport and life's passion. It lets the rest of us mortels try a bit harder at what we are passionate about without risking our lives. In your case, you go to the very limit of what is possible in a very visual and hallucinating fashion. Awesome, totally sick, you rock! Continued success Kevin:) You're an inspiration.

  2. Hi!! I saw your photo/article in National Geographic today. So awesome!! I noticed that the article said you are from a suburb outside of Sacramento.. and I thought your name sounded familiar. Are you from Davis,California?