Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring conditions

Well, we knew we rolling the dice by coming this early in the season. We are the only ones on El Cap at the moment. The spring snow melt off the top starts raining down on us at 4pm each day, making us retreat back to the portaledge and fly. Not to worry though. We get up early each morning and push hard until it gets too wet. Today we worked on pitches 9 and 10, roughly 5.12+ and 5.14 respectively. Pitch 10 is a beautiful seam lieback that you can clealy see from the valley floor. Each move is harder than the last for the full 100 foot pitch. I'm looking forward to trying this pitch some more, as it's my anti-style. Once the rain started, I worked on the cruz of pitch 8, which happened to be directly below the portaledge and remained dry for 30 minutes longer than the rest o the wall. This section, being short and powerful, felt great! Tomorrow we venture up to check out the last unexplored pitch on the route: the Molar Traverse. Wish us luck! We're psyched!

- Posted from the wall


  1. COME ON!! I´m reading from Spain. Push the limit. The moment is now. Good luck.

  2. go for it! it's great to read this short articles direct from the wall...

    for me it's just unbelievable what you are doning!!
    GO FOR IT!!!


    I took a couple far off shots of you guys on Saturday (2010_03_27). Just a dinky pocket camera, but we could see you and spotted your headlamps that night as well. Cheers and good luck on freeing the route!

  4. Good luck, guys! What you're trying to do is impressive and killer. Can't wait to see more posts from the climb.

  5. Very impressive dudes! I hope you get better conditions soon!

    As for the blog it's great! Keep the post's coming I am sure there is a lot of people, like me, interested in your progress up the wall!!

    All the best,
    Bruno, following your progress from Portugal.