Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eldo Revisited

I had to pull this image off the site last month when Andy Mann told me Urban Climber wanted to run it in their 2009 Photo Annual. Well, now it's out so I can freely share it once more. The picture is of the boulder problem Germ Free Adolescence in Eldorado Canyon. The man "spotting" is none other than the first ascensionist himself, John Sherman. Verm put up this problem in 1980, with no pads,  and stands below as I go for it in the same style, onsight. Just my way of giving a nod to the man who has contributed so much to the sport. And Verm, well....I'm going to interpret his body language as approval because if he wasn't standing can bet your ass I would have had a pad for that dicey top out!

1 comment:

  1. He deserves respect, but having his hands in his pockets right there is a dick move. Two thumbs down for that shit. (Unless this was a photo-op moment and he really did care if you broke your head.)